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Christmas 2017 Celebration in Worldwide | History & Origin Info

Christmas 2017 Celebration | History & Origin – The glorious festival of Christmas has a special significance in everyone’s life. The annual event is celebrated on 25th of December that widely commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ who is the central figure of Christianity. The day is celebrated all over the world by various communities with equal happiness, zeal, and enthusiasm. The most delightful traditions of this auspicious occasion of Christmas includes eye-catching decorations, gifts, lavish Christmas dinner and Christmas trees. Explore our post to know more about the emergence of Christmas history, origin and celebrations.



Christmas 2017 Celebration in Worldwide

Though the festivity of Christmas is considered to be a major festival of Christian calendar, today, it has become a part of all religions and is said to be a universal festival. Christmas which celebrated throughout the world with immense joy and fervor celebrates mankind & humanity.

Based on the culture and traditions followed in different countries, the Celebration of Christmas may vary from one country to another country. Irrespective of the way its celebrated actual significance and the spirit of the fiesta remains the same everywhere. Christmas 2017 will be celebrated on Monday, 25th of December. So, Christmas 2017 Celebration in Worldwide is expected to be extraordinary.

People across the globe will celebrate this lovely day by decorating their houses with Christmas trees and illuminating lights, attending religious services, & the midnight mass, singing carols, exchanging gifts and Thanksgiving.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration Country-wise

  • Christmas Celebration in USA – In the United States of America, unlike other parts of the world, Christmas is being celebrated as a harvest festival. On this day, people pray for their well-being and prosperity and also asked for a bountiful harvest for the coming year.
  • Australia – The festival of Christmas on December 25 falls in the mid of the warmth summer. Austrians decorate their homes with flowers, perform church rituals in morning and enjoy delicious dishes at night.
  • India – It is celebrated by Christian community people across the nation with pomp and show. The celebration is marked by cakes, candles, church services, Christmas Carlos and decorating Christmas trees.
  • France – Christmas celebration in France is all about joyous and entertaining functions such as midnight mass, the Christmas Feast, family gatherings and gifts for kids & needy people.
  • Germany – Christmas is Germany is just meaningless without the traditional Christmas tree as it is the major symbol of Christmas for Germans. And the soulful music on the eve of Christmas in Germany is heavenly.
  • Christmas Celebration in UK – People in the United Kingdom celebrate the day of Christmas by greeting each other with gifts and wishes, enjoying yummy food items at midday.
  • Russia – The festivities include procession around the church to sing hymns and Carlos. In this procession, Russians carry candles, torches, and handmade lanterns to celebrate the day.
Christmas History

Christmas History

Christmas History & Origin Info

The History & Origin of Christmas dates back more than 4000 years when several customs and traditions associated with the Christmas festival were observed centuries before the Jesus birth. Although the exact date of the Christ child’s birth is unknown some legends said that the Christmas is celebrated since 98 AD.

Another legend is that Mesopotamians believed in many gods, especially Marduk. As per their belief, every year Marduk battle with monsters of chaos during the winters and hence to assist him in this battle they celebrated a 12-day festival of ‘Zagmuk’. Some historians suggested that 12-day celebration of Christmas derived from this.

In pagan times, Europeans believed in evils, ghosts and trolls. As on the arrival of winter nights became longer and days shorter and thus they used to perform special rituals in the hope of sun coming back soon.

Scandinavians celebrated the great festival called Yuletide, when the first ray of sun was sighted. This special feast is believed to be involved in Christmas eve from this tradition. While, ancient Romans used to celebrate their festival ‘Saturnalia’ that started in the middle of the December and concluded on January 1st. In honor of their pagan gods, they celebrated this event with masquerades on streets, visiting friends, big festive meals and exchange of good-luck gifts called ‘Strenae’.

It was 137 AD the Bishop of Rome declared Christmas to be celebrated as solemn eve. After that it took another two centuries for the Bishop of Rome, named Julius I to select 25th of December as the official day for the observance of Christmas.

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